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Safety Procedures


  1. We work in teams of 2 or more.
  2. We are mindful of children's access to cleaning supplies so we keep our cleaning supplies close to the cleaners.
  3. All Cleaning debris will be placed safely in the main garbage bins outside.
  4. We use green chemicals where possible, especially for homes with children and people with compromised immune system.
  5. We request that all pets were safely secured away for the duration of service.
  6. Spills are wiped down immediately.
  7. We do not climb heights beyond company provided three-step ladders.
  8. We do not clean inside glass cabinets with heavy glass shelving or many glass items (very fragile).
  9. We do not wipe glass lighting fixtures above bathroom mirrors (as they are usually quite fragile).
  10. We use masks and gloves where heavier chemicals are necessary (e.g. vacant homes post-move-out).
  11. We arrive before the appointment to avoid rushing and errors.