Serving Opportunities

Serving the Contra Costa community

Hello Contra Costa County people!

We at Ready Maids Cleaning Services Inc. put our efforts into making this world better than we found it. Join us and help our neighboring communities accomplish this!

The charity of choice we will help support is Royal Family Kids Camp. They service the 250,000+ foster kids in the US with 32,000 foster kids in California alone (2015, and provide them an entire week of camp full of attention, praising, necessities, and people who genuinely care for their lives. Check out the site and video here -> and see how the Concord community and its neighbors are helping to give these kids something to look forward to every year.

Any help that we can provide whether through prayer, finances, or clothing will go a long way. Material things may come and go, but the impact we have in other’s lives last a lifetime.


Help today!